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Dellai twins vyholena kunda The exhibition was created by visitors to the gallery, who connected prepared metal and plexiglass cylinders using a network of twine. The Czech Art Scene Umění zastaveného času: Biennale europänischen Grafik, Baden — Baden — Cena 1. Dellai twins privát zlín used his own work of the previous decades as a source of ongoing creative procedures and as an integrated and organic whole in collages composed of fragments of his older works Collected Work, Around the middle of the s he became interested in the creative process for its own sake in pornuj cz romanticky sex of partially painted relief graphics Režrot,combining gaufrage and collage with found technical materials.
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As well as the exhibition in Jihlava, "dellai twins privát zlín", which took place a year after that in Brno, Chatrný created paintings in space using white string in several visual objects two boards linked by string forming the picture Untitled, and graphic cycles String Projects, In parallel with cycles of tempera and acronex paintings, in he arrived at a radical restriction of the authorial subject in swinger party video chci mrdat cycle of paintings by magnet, in which traces of Indian ink were left by drawing coloured iron filings across the surface of the paper. As well as classical creative resources he was intuitively drawn to manifestations of action and conceptual art at that time and examined the relationship of creative art to the immanent forces of nature and landscape. Chatrný remains faithful to the main principles of his aesthetic in later years, and enriches them, for instance using painting with two hands the twenty-metre work entitled A deux mains — Unrepeatable, At this time the register of creative media with which Chatrný worked expanded significantly. For instance, he changed the relations between photographed objects and persons by linking them with lines and string Photographs Interpreted by String,or in series of photographic collages Reduced Portraits,